OTTAWA, MAY 2, 2013 –In what has become a yearly tradition on parliament hill, Speaker Noël A. Kinsella and Senator Asha Seth hosted the Canadian National Institute of the Blind to celebrate Vision Health Month. Vision Health Month and CNIB’s “eyes are for life” campaign are designed to increase education on the importance of vision care through proper diet, regular eye exams, and eye safety. Statements by Senator Asha Seth and MP Joy Smith were made in the Senate and House of Common chambers and were capped by a reception hosted by Speaker of the Senate Kinsella and Senator Seth. Minister John Baird, MP Deepak Ohbrai, Mr. Craig Oliver, CNIB President and CEO Mr. John Rafferty, and CNIB National Board of Directors Chair Mrs. Jane Beaumont were among the distinguished guests.

“Preventing blindness is a cause that is dear to my heart, and I know that all of you care deeply as well. To the more than one million Canadians living with blindness or significant vision loss reality can be dark and comfortless. […] for those affected with vision loss, the services that CNIB provides are a source of entertainment, companionship, and education. Our government has committed three million dollars to help develop CNIB’s National Digital Hub which will provide a national library service with alternative print materials for Canadians with print disabilities,” said Senator Asha Seth.

With seventy-five percent of vision loss being preventable, CNIB and its partners on parliament hill are determined to decrease the number of Canadians affected by blindness and improve the life of partially sighted people by providing vital services including rehabilitation and support.

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