TORONTO, July 23, 2012 – Conservative Senator Asha Seth and Minister of State Alice Wong joined Mrs. Zhang Meifang, Council General of the People’s Republic of China, at the Choa Chow Association of Ontario Canada’s anniversary gala; celebrating 29 years of steadfast commitment to promoting the Chinese Choa Chow culture, heritage and values in Canada.

Jason Kenney, Minister of Immigration, Citizenship and Multiculturalism, was represented by Senator Seth, who delivered his greeting to community leaders, CCAOC members, and over 800 government officials.

“It’s a pleasure to join Minister Wong at this important celebration […] your association ensures that supportive programs and services are in place to assist those in need. You are an example of the fundamental role that community-based organizations can play in the advancement of Canadian multiculturalism,” said Senator Seth.

Senator Asha Seth and the conservative team are focused on cultural communities outreach. “Our Government’s New Year’s commitment is to continue working hard on the economy, and creating the jobs and economic opportunities that will help ensure that the Year of the Dragon will indeed be a year of prosperity and well being,” declared Prime Minister Stephen Harper on January 20, 2012.

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