The Honourable Dr. Asha Seth Donates Time and Funds to Homless People,Toronto’s Good Shepherd Shelter

TORONTO, December 16, 2015 – The Honourable Dr. Asha Seth along with staff and volunteers of the Canadian Foundation for Health and Human Welfare, provided good cheer and nourishment to some of Toronto’s underprivileged.

As chairperson of the Canadian Foundation for Health and Human Welfare, Dr. Asha Seth with Board members Dr Arun Seth, Roma Skocylak decided to donate her time and resources to the Good Shepherd Shelter. The shelter, located at Queen and Parliament has been in existence since 1952, providing two meals a day, and overnight accommodation to almost seventy individuals.

Volunteers from the foundation worked alongside staff from the Good Shepherd Shelter to serve over 600 meals between 2pm and 4pm. Thereafter, interacting with the shelter’s directors and receiving a tour of their facilities, Dr. Seth presented a cheque covering the cost of the meal.

This act of kindness was a continuation from last year’s donation and volunteering at Ottawa’s Shepherds of Good Hope Shelter. At that time, the Honourable Dr. Asha Seth was joined by fellow parliamentarians: Senator Jim Munson; Senator Tobias C. Enverga; and Mr. Joe Daniel, Member of Parliament for Don Valley East.

The Canadian Foundation of Health and Human Welfare was founded by Drs. Asha and Arun Seth. The foundations serves as a vehicle to further promote and combat causes that that have been and remain their life’s passion: the betterment of society, the eradication or hunger, assistance for those less fortunate, and leadership by example.