NIMDAC Foundation

The NIMDAC Foundation is a registered, non-profit, charitable foundation, even though it is a separate organization, but operated in association with the Northern Indian Medical & Dental Association of Canada (NIMDAC).


“Founded by Dr. Asha Seth, a physician and life member of NIMDAC. Dr.Seth has an extensive history of outstanding leadership and dedication to a broad array of charities serving the local and international communities. Her generouspersonal donations and tireless work to improve the human condition is an excellent example of philanthropy and covers a wide area such as education, gender equality, health cased, cross-culture social justice, world peace and international activities.  Dr.Seth from the rest is the fact that while vertically moving up in her medical profession, she began establishing horizontal linkages with various section of society with her strong desire to give back to society through her philanthropic work, Seth has spent countless hours to establish this foundation”

The Foundation’s founding Executive Committee consists of Dr. Asha Seth, President; Dr. Vijay Sharma, Vice President and Dr. Ranjit Rana, Secretary/Treasurer. The Foundation was incorporated under the laws of Ontario on January 28th, 2008. It received status as a tax-exempt, public charitable foundation from Canada Revenue Agency on February 13th, 2008. As such, it is permitted to issue official tax receipts to acknowledge donations made by individuals and organizations (Charity No. 82001 3753 RR0001).

The Foundation is administered by a board of directors, consisting of at least three elected members. Membership in the Foundation is restricted to life members of NIMDAC and individuals may apply for membership by submitting an application to the board of directors.

The purpose of the NIMDAC Foundation is to give back to charities that have a focus in the medical, dental and health fields. The Foundation’s first fundraiser in 2008 donated $100,000 to the Canadian Foundation for Physically Disabled Persons (CFPDP).

The NIMDAC Foundation is capable of presenting to approximately 2000 physicians and dentists of Indian origin in Ontario.

cnibjan2010NIMDAC donates to CNIB Jan 2010

Purpose and Objectives 

The purpose of the NIMDAC Foundation is to collect and distribute funds to organizations that carry on charitable activities with a focus on the medical, dental and health fields.
Funds are collected through donations and bequests as well as through fund-raising activities within Canada.

Funds are distributed to registered charities that have the following missions and objectives:

  • This charity carries a great deal of prestige and professionalism. And it was formed with the notion that it is important and vital to help those in needs.
  • assisting vulnerable populations and people in need such as the homeless, the mentally ill or the disabled
  • supporting or undertaking research on the prevention and treatment of disease,
  • providing medical and dental training and education to members of the health field
  • providing health care and support services to the general population or specific populations in need
  • supplying medical and dental equipment and supplies to health care workers serving needy populations within Canada and internationally
  • participating in disaster relief efforts within Canada and internationally

In the future, the Foundation may also establish its own scholarships and bursaries for medical and dental students, as well as medical education and research grants.


Nimdac Foundation Gala 2009

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