News Releases

Ottawa, October 21, 2014 “Healthcare Experts Join Senator Asha Seth to Protect Mothers and Children Against Chronic Diseases” click here

Ottawa, October 7, 2014 “Conservative Senator Asha Seth Leads Discussion on Inclusive Development” click here

Vancouver, June 21, 2014  “Top Canada-India Healthcare Stakeholders Join Conservative Senator Asha Seth to Discuss Health and Civil Society” click here

Vancouver, June 20-22, 2014 “Senator Asha Seth Joins Parliamentarians in an Informative Tour of Key Players in Canada’s Asia-Pacific Gateway and Corridor” click here

Ottawa, May 1, 2014. “Senator Asha Seth Launches 1st National Vision Health Month” click here

Ottawa, April 1, 2014. “Senator Asha Seth Decries Violence Against Women; Parliamentarians Join in” click here

Ottawa, March 11, 2014. “Shastri Indo Canadian Institute” click here

Lucknow, India, January 16, 2014. “Senator Asha Seth Leads Canadian Trade Mission to India’s Largest Consumer Market” click here

Ottawa, November 19, 2013. “Senator Asha Seth Hosts Government of India to discuss the benefits of the Canada-India Comprehensive Economic Partnership Agreement” click here

Ottawa, November 5, 2013. “Senator Asha Seth Stresses the Catastrophic Effects of Malnutrition to Economic Development” click here

Toronto, September 22, 2013. “Senator Asha Seth Delivers Message of Partnership at 64th Anniversary of People’s Republic of China” click here

Toronto, August 19, 2013. “Parliamentarians observe first annual Canada-India relations and India’s Independence Day Gala hosted by Senator Asha Seth” click here

Toronto, June 21, 2013. “Senator Asha Seth brings Prime Minister’s Greetings of Support to Shastri Indo-Canadian Annual Event” click here

Ottawa, May 2, 2013. “Senator Asha Seth and CNIB commemorate Vision Health Month” click here

Toronto, April 5, 2013. “BAPS Women’s Conference Celebrates Past and Cultivates Future with Senator Asha Seth” click here

Ottawa, March 26, 2013. “Senator Asha Seth Brings Parliamentarians Together to Learn About Canada-India Academic Relations” click here

Montreal, March 6, 2013. “Senator Asha Seth Discusses Harper Government Vision for Strong Canada-India Relations” click here

Vancouver, February 25, 2013. “Senator Seth Opens South Asian Health Institute” click here

New Delhi, India, November 16, 2012. “Conservative Senator Seth Drives Point Home- India Trade Delegations to Visit Canada” click here

Vancouver, September 13, 2012. “Senator Seth- Agriculture is Key to Strong and Profitable Canada-India Relations”  click here

Toronto, August 22, 2012. “Conservatives Come Out to Support Indo-Canadian Community After a Deadly Month” click here

Toronto, August 20, 2012. “Conservatives Come Out in Force to Celebrate Indo-Canadian Community” click here

Toronto, August 13, 2012. “Senator Seth Celebrates Panorama India Day Festival” click here

Toronto, July 23, 2012. “Conservatives Commemorate Chao Chow Chinese Community Celebrations” click here

July 19, 2012. “Senator Seth Acts as a Leader for the Conservative Government Communities Outreach” click here

Toronto, July 15, 2012. “Vishnu Mandir Temple Feeds Hundreds in Toronto” click here

Toronto, July 14, 2012. “Senator Asha Seth Welcomes Thousands to Festival of India” click here

Toronto, July 12, 2012. “Conservative Senator Welcomes Indian Business Delegation” click here